Why should I get a Touchfire case when I already have a case for my iPad?

Touchfire cases are extremely versatile. They have over a dozen different typing and viewing positions and integrate perfectly with the Touchfire keyboard, storing it completely out of the way when it’s not in use. They are made out of a unique, grippy material that feels really good and keeps your iPad in your hand and on the table. They are very protective without being bulky and clumsy. And they look great!

Touchfire cases also have unique features not found in any other case:

  • A built-in sound booster that directs the iPad’s sound to the front instead of out the back or to the sides
  • A built-in magnetic mounting system that let’s you attach your iPad to a refrigerator and other metal surfaces

We have studied hundreds of people typing on their iPads with Touchfire, and we have found that the case has a big impact on how well typing works. People want to type on their iPads in many different ways besides on a table – while lying down, while in the back of a taxi, in their lap, in an airplane on the smallest tray table, etc, etc. We designed Touchfire cases to make that possible. We then went the extra mile and added a multitude of different viewing positions, several micro-adjustable. Have you ever been bothered with overhead lights glaring onto your iPad screen? With Touchfire cases that will never be a problem again.

Touchfire cases accomplish all of this without being heavy and bulky. Instead, we use an innovative, patent-pending magnet system and our grippy material to achieve all this versatility.

We want to make it easy for you to try out the full Touchfire experience. So we allow you to return just the case and keep the keyboard if you find that you like your existing case better. We also priced our case + keyboard combos significantly lower than the case alone.

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