How do I clean the Touchfire keyboard and case?

To clean the keyboard, run tap water over it, then pat dry in a towel. The Touchfire keyboard is completely waterproof.

Touchfire cases can be cleaned with water and dish soap, gently applied with a dish cloth or sponge. Dampen the dish cloth, then mix in a little bit of dish soap on it. Lightly rub the dish cloth on the case, making small circles. The case material is designed to repel dirt and stains, so it shouldn’t take much pressure to clean it. Don’t press hard – that will just abrade the case material.

For difficult stains, like ink or magic marker, use isopropyl rubbing alcohol instead of soap and water. Apply rubbing alcohol liberally to a cloth, then gently rub the cloth on the stain. For oil or grease stains, apply the rubbing alcohol directly to the case, let it set for a minute, then gently blot the case with a soft, absorbent cloth.

The idea is to first dissolve the stain chemically in the soap and water or rubbing alcohol, and then remove the cleaning liquid, which should not take a lot of pressure.

The case can take several hours to dry out if you get it really wet when cleaning, but this will not damage the case.

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