Touchfire Reviews

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“Touchfire for iPad mini is a Clear, Compact and Cozy Keyboard”
“The super-thin-and-lightweight TouchFire adds virtually no physical bulk”

“A Flexible Keyboard For The iPad Mini”
“Turns the iPad into a true laptop killer”
– Fast Company

Touchfire Honored as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies
– Entrepreneur Magazine

3,709 Investors Can’t be Wrong
– Puget Sound Business Journal

David Pogue – “Touchfire makes a confident step toward keyboarding without adding any bulk”
Nick Bilton – “The keyboard is incredibly simple to use. Typing on it is like typing on a physical keyboard”
– New York Times

“I love it, I love it! – Kathie Lee & Hoda”
– NBC Today Show

“Touchfire worked as quickly as I did, correctly interpreting keystrokes that often don’t register with nothing between me and the screen”
– Reuters

Gift of the Day – “Touchfire Keyboard Makes an Ideal Gift for iPad Fans”
“Touchfire doesn’t set off a single key when you rest you fingertips on the product”
– Mashable

“Two Seattle-based inventors have come up with an iPad keyboard that could dramatically alter the tablet keyboard landscape”

“It’s designed well, works well, and elegantly solves the problem”
– Fodors Best Travel Gadgets

“It’s a unique solution to a problem that almost every iPad owner has encountered, and it’s definitely worthy of being on your radar.”
– The Next Web

“The Touchfire is a good product. It does everything its creators says it does. I can type faster and more comfortably with it in place.”

“If you’d like to transform your iPad into a more productive typing solution while sustaining the agility, mobility and spirit of iPad, Touchfire is the best choice.”
– iPad CTO

“Typing on the Touchfire gives a sensation very similar to typing on a real keyboard.”

“If you don’t want the added weight and bulk of an external keyboard, then I recommend you consider the Touchfire keyboard solution.”
– ZDNet

“An ingenious idea.”
– TIME Magazine

See Steve Interviewed by Cory Johnson
– Bloomberg TV

The Touchfire Chronicles
TechCrunch, a series of articles written by Steve

See what our customers are saying…

“My experience from beginning to end was positive.”
– Aaron Conrad

“Having the TouchFire is truly a game changer.”
– Edwin Castillo

“This is the keyboard that iPad wishes it had shipped with.”
– Sean Burke

“…TouchFire’s light construction, above-average functionality and ability to work with existing iPad covers makes it a winner.”
– Brian Proffitt ReadWriteWeb

Touchfire is surprisingly effective...
– The Next Web