Touchfire Case & Keyboard – All Models

Here’s a video showing you how to set up and use your Touchfire Case & Keyboard:

The setup video only covered some of the case positions; here’s one that shows ’em all:

Next, go to the Typing Tutor.

Touchfire Keyboard-Only for iPad 1,2,3,4

This video is for the keyboard-only Touchfire for iPad 1,2,3,4.

Next, go to the Typing Tutor.

Touchfire Typing Tutor

The Typing Tutor will quickly get you up to speed on typing with the Touchfire keyboard. It is a 100% Web application, so all you need to do is go to the Typing Tutor with your iPad.

iPad 1 Users

Here’s a video for you:


Touchfire Instruction Sheets

Case and Keyboard for All Models
Keyboard Only for iPad 1,2,3,4