Touchfire and iOS 7

Apple recently released the Beta 2 version of iOS 7. It was the first version that runs on iPads. We loaded it onto our test iPad to see what the on-screen keyboard looks like and how it works with Touchfire.

Here’s a picture of Touchfire on an iPad running iOS 7:

As you can see, Touchfire fits perfectly;  the physical layout of the keyboard hasn’t changed at all. So Touchfire users can breathe a sigh of relief!

But I did see some very interesting things in iOS 7. If you’ve seen Apple’s iOS 7 announcement, you know that one of the biggest changes is a new user interface which is very different from previous versions. Apple is striving for a simpler, less intrusive, cleaner look, and every aspect of the visuals has changed dramatically in this pursuit. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of what Apple is doing is that text is displayed with much lower contrast.

iOS 7 Beta 2 is the first version that is available for the iPad, and to my eye the larger screen makes a world of difference for text display. The default text is now grey against a white background, with a fairly skinny font. Personally, I found it to be almost unreadable.

But then I started looking around in Settings. The General settings now has a new item right near the top – Text Size. And the Accessibility settings have been moved up from the bottom to be right underneath Text Size:

There are also some new items in Accessibility – Larger Type, Bold Text, and Increase Contrast:

The good news is that you can make text readable once again by adjusting these settings. Of course, going into the Accessibility settings might not be the most intuitive action for most people. We’ll see how this all shakes out; after all, iOS 7 is still very much a beta product right now.

We here at Touchfire will keep you up to date as iOS 7 continues to evolve!


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