Touchfire Is On Track to Ship In a Couple of Weeks

We are on track for shipping out your reserved Touchfires at the end of this month or the first week of July. As we said in our last update, the biggest issue we had to face was replacing all of our magnets. Well, the new magnets arrived yesterday; hooray!

Our factory is now running 24/7 making Touchfire keyboards. Right now we are making Touchfires for our Kickstarter backers. We will start making your Touchfires as soon as these are done. Here’s a picture of the clean room; notice that there are now large volume production tanks of liquid silicone attached to the injection molding machine instead of the small prototyping canisters seen in previous updates.




You can also see Touchfire storage cases being made on the other side of the room.



Now that the magnets are in, our factory can set up the assembly line to install the magnets and magnet labels into the keyboards.  We’ve been busy working with the factory, building assembly and test jigs, developing quality assurance protocols, pack out procedures, etc, etc. This coming week will be devoted to getting everything set up and running smoothly.  We should be running in high gear the week of June 25th.


Our First Production Run Will Be Black Touchfires

At this point, we think the most important thing is to start shipping Touchfires as soon as we possibly can. It turns out that making large production runs of both white and black Touchfires  would have delayed our launch even further. So we decided to follow in the tradition of the first iPhone and iPad and only make Touchfire in black for our first large production run. Here is what a black Touchfire looks like on a white iPad:



Next Steps

The next email you will be getting from us will be when we are ready to ship out your Touchfire. We will ask you to choose a shipping option and then finalize your order. And we will then ship out your order.


Thank you for sticking with us over the last few months. It has been quite a journey, and we are incredibly excited to be getting Touchfire into your hands shortly.


Steve and Brad

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